Ron traveled the country running in high pay-out enduros.  Here he is at Opp, Alabama passing racing legend Red Farmer. 
Check out the pink uniforms!  Ron holds court with the crew at Montgomery, AL.
Ron wins a race in a Buick at the old Lakeland 1/4 mile speedway.  He had to beat the potent "Nightstalker" to do it.
This was a win at the All Pro enduro at Montgomery, AL.
Ron at New Smyrna in his first of many Buicks.
Enduros have the best return on investment in racing.  Especially when you build your racers from junk and win a bunch of them.
Here is Ron's racing buddy Dusty Turnage at speed in Birmingham, AL.
Ron is not a big fan of dirt racing, but he made the trip to Oglethorpe Speedway near Savannah, GA, and raced in front of a massive crowd.
This Buick was one of Ron's best looking cars.  Here he wins at the St. Augustine Speedway.
Victory at Volusia!  Ron is joined by engine wizard Byron Khoury and the ultimate trophy girl.
"Security to victory circle!" 
Ron looses control.
Accident avoidance on the high banks of Opp, AL.
Back at home in Sabastian...  "gentlemen, we can rebuild it.  We have the technology, We have the capability to build the world's first bionic car.  This will be that car.  Better than it was before.  Better, stronger, faster."
"Give me a chain and a hammer."
5 Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL.
Ron scores a win at Citrus County Speedway in his first enduro car.
Here is the same car back at Citrus.  This time it has been repainted to match the speedway wall. 
Charlotte County Speedway in Punta Gorda, FL.  This winning enduro car was seized by the track and raffled off.  Mark Trudell bought 100 of the raffle tickets and won the car back for Ron! 
Isn't insider trading illegal?
Another win on the big half mile at New Smyrna Speedway.
Speedway in St. Petersburg, FL
Sunshine Speedway.  Ron is joined by south Florida racer Mike Howell, and by Pete Orr with his family.
Concord Speedway, NC.  Ron prepares for a race that would become one of his biggest wins, the Maxx Card Street Stock race.